21 Celebrities Craving to be Marilyn Monroe

The Ugly Truth About Marilyn Monroes Hair

Marilyn Monroe can easily claim the title of the most imitated female celebrity in the history of modern entertainment. And most of her copycats have been other celebrities! Marilyn it seems will forever hold a special place in the heart of Hollywood, a legend that will never die. Let’s take a peek at some of their “unique” impressions …

21. Anna Nicole Smith

20. Michelle Williams

19. Paris Hilton

18. Madonna

17. Kelli Garner

16. Rachel McAdams

15. Christina Aguilera

14. Kylie Minogue

13. Gywneth Paltrow

A Photo Gallery Of Famous Marilyn Wannabees!

12. Kylie Jenner

11. Winnie Harlow

10. Paris Jackson

9. Kate Upton

8. Kim Kardashian

7. Scarlett Johannson

6. Karlie Kloss

5. Rhianna

4. Beyonce

3. Mira Sorvino

2. Gwen Stefani

1. Drew Barrymore

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