Marilyn Monroe’s Dirty Little Secret!

Marilyn Monroe’s Dirty Little Secret!

Women as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe are not expected to have any vulgar or disgusting habits.  However, real-life is not always as pretty as that of a Hollywood set and the bombshell actress indeed had her fair share.

Marilyn did not have the enviable life that one might think and she often struggled with severe depression and addiction. These were most likely contributing factors to some of the following ugly realities hidden behind the glamour.

She Had A Major Problem with Flatulence

Marilyn Monroe passed gas on the set and a significantly higher amount than normal. The Hollywood icon suffered from extreme flatulence the was a symptom of her gall bladder disease. On top of she also had irritable bowel syndrome working against her. She “ripped one” so frequently that this caused much contention and annoyance to many of her co-stars enduring her “silent but very violent” attacks on the set.

Particularly disgusted was Clark Gable who was known to be somewhat of a jerk in general. During the filming of the 1961 movie The Misfits, there apparently exists an outtake capturing Marilyn on film releasing one of her louder versions. This made Gable so angry that it was even mentioned in his official biography.

She Had Terrible Hygiene

Monroe was known to skip more than a few baths. This coupled with the flatulence issue must have been a somewhat unpleasant combination. Furthermore, she apparently refused the assistance of any kind of feminine hygiene products when she was menstruating.

She Was an Obnoxious Embarrassing Drunk

Tragically, towards the end of her days, Marilyn had started to physically and mentally degenerate from her progressing alcoholism and substance abuse. She would often become completely inarticulate and barely able to walk.

Nobody really did much to truly help her situation other than giving her money or complaining about her growing tendency to become rowdy. Her loud and humiliating public disturbances were becoming more and more problematic. She had infuriated Frank Sinatra so much at his party a week before her death that he threw her under the bus by making her embarrassing and disruptive scenes publicly known.

Marilyn was also addicted to barbiturates, tranquilizers, and speed pills. Drugs that were commonly abused by actors during this time under intense pressure to look and perform a certain way. Sinatra was actually fond of Marilyn and stayed with her during her final days. Hollywood seemed to be eerily aware of her impending death. Frank had actually planned to marry her but was strongly dissuaded by his colleagues who told him “You don’t want to be the man who was married to Marilyn Monroe when she killed herself!”

She Was Known to be a Dirty Slob

Marilyn’s home life habits were so offensive that several of her cleaning maids were forced to quit. The actress was known to wander around in the same filthy soiled clothing for days leaving an unpleasant odor lingering behind. Her bedroom was piled with filthy dishes and leftover food that was both under her bed and in her bed!

She always slept naked and often passed out this way on top of the decaying food. This was another turn-off for her potential suitor, Clark Gable who just couldn’t get past Marilyn’s dirty habits. She also left a mess after her from bleaching her pubic hair with a toothbrush and never wore underwear.

Marilyn Monroe lead a bitter sweet life and the majority of her alleged hygiene issues were reported to have occurred towards the end when her drug and alcoholism had spiraled out of control. Moreover, we must remember that rumours over time can be like a game of telephone and many many have been perpetuated by jealous female rivals and vengeful rejected suitors. Ultimately, Marilyn will always be remembered for being a beautiful vivacious sex goddess who fascinated and captivated the hearts of many still to this day!

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